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Activities on the Quinta



The Studio (110m2) where you can join the Iyengar yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday. Private lessons are also available upon request.

Reiki Healing


Book a Reiki or Shiatsu Massage session.

Hiking Boots


"Quinta da Lua Nova is 50 hectares in size. You can walk here for hours without encountering another person."

Various hiking trails are available, offering different lengths and levels of difficulty.

Trails available from August.

Just spending time with the herd of horses, which live semi-freely at the Quinta, or go for a ride with the horses across the estate.

Upon request, it is possible to ride, book an Equi-coaching session, or take a walk with the horses. For more information, you can visit the page of our new project.



Mountain Biker


You can follow a designated mountain biking trail across the Quinta.
(Available from August, bikes can be rented through an external party)

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