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Activities around the Quinta

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Gegrilde kip


"At an unbeatable price, you can enjoy lunch in local restaurants. (10 min drive)

For a wider choice of restaurants, you can visit Oliveira do Hospital, Seia, Tabua, or larger cities like Viseu or Coimbra."

Swimming or enjoying some coolness at river beaches such as Praia Fluvial in Loriga and Lapas dos Dineiro or also at the mountain lakes like Vale de Rossim among others.



Go for a mountain hike in the Serra de Estrela; there are various trails ranging from very easy to moderately difficult. Sometimes there is snow until the end of May.

You can also go on a hike in the surrounding valleys near the quinta.

Local markets

Alternatively, there are local markets in Oliveira do Hospital, Seia, and Carregal do Sal. On Sundays, you can visit Tabua where you can enjoy delicious roasted chicken.

Also, try the monthly markets like Sandomil or Coja. Here you'll find not only fruits and vegetables but also handmade products.

Mountain Biker


Cycling from Santa Comba Dao to Viseu and vice versa.

City trips to Coimbra, Viseu, Piadao,...

Dining out, from simple to fancy.



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