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Events at Quinta da Lua Nova

The Quinta da Lua Nova estate spans across 50 hectares. Within the country house, there are 9 bedrooms accommodating a total of 18 guests for overnight stays. Additionally, the Poolhouse can accommodate 2 more people. The estate can also host one-day events for 20-100 visitors, inclusive of parking space, depending on the nature of the event.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Unique to Quinta da Lua Nova is the ability for you to organize your own events without being obliged to work with preferred suppliers. You can rent the entire estate and shape your event as you wish.

You can arrange your own catering, or simply cook together in the large kitchen. If desired, we can assist you in selecting local service providers or take over part of the organization for you.

Organize your own event

People Playing Djembe
Friends Party
Image by Vlad Hilitanu
Dancing Legs

We organize your event

You have an idea for an event but don't feel up to organizing it entirely, we can help. Together, we'll discuss the possibilities. You bring the visitors, and we take care of the rest.

Examples of events organized at Quinta da Lua Nova.

  • Weddings 

  • Barbecues, group dinners, coctail receptions, etc.

  • One- or multi-day team-building activities

  • Various multi-day retreats, such as Yoga, silence retreat, meditation, Writing workshop, or painting course.

  • Religious celebrations such as a baptism party

  • Family or annual club reunions

  • Friends weekend

  • Cooking workshops

  • Singing or dance performances, such as Esthetic Dance, acoustic singer-songwriter concert, mantra singing.

  • Hiking tours with Quinta as the base

  • One- or multi-day therapeutic activities such as family constellations or Equicoaching

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